Multirotor Pilot Training (Below 2Kg) - 5 Days
Drone Pilot Training

Certified Drone Course by India's No.1 Drone Pilot License Training Institute

Training Locations

  1. Maavan Drone Academy – Chennai-Puzhal
  2. Maavan Drone Academy – Bangalore-BTM Layout

Course Duration- 4Days / 32 Hours

Drones Used

  1. DJI Inspire 2 / X4S
  2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  3. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Syllabus - Multicopter Pilot Training (Above 2Kg) - 5 Days

1 Regulations of DGCA, Civil Aviation Requirements
(01 Class)
Classification, Basic Air Regulations

Salient points, Do’s and Don’ts

2 Basic principles of flight
(01 Class)
Fundamentals of flight, Aerodynamics

Take-off, flight and landing, Manoeuvres, turns and circuit pattern

3 ATC procedures & Radio Telephony
(01 Class)
Understanding ATC operations, Airspace Structure and Airspace Restrictions with knowledge of No Drone Zones;

Communicating with ATC including Position and Altitude Reporting, Flight Planning Procedures, Collision avoidance, Radio Telephony (RT) techniques, Standard radio terminology and RT Phraseology

4 Fixed wing operations and aerodynamics
(01 Class)
Types of fixed wing drones, make, parts and terminology;

Operation and manoeuvres of fixed wing drones; Applications and operations

5 Advantages/disadvantages of multirotor
(01 Class)
Basic drone terminology, Types of drones, material used and size of drones, Motors and propellers, Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), flight controllers, Operation and Applications of drones, Basic drone terminology, Types of drones, material used and size of drones
6 Weather and meteorology
(01 Class)
The standard atmosphere, Measuring air pressure, Heat and temperature, Wind, Moisture, cloud formation; Met Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR), The standard atmosphere, Measuring air pressure
7 Drone equipment maintenance
(01 Class)
Maintenance of drone, flight control box, ground station;
Maintenance of ground equipment, batteries and payloads;
Scheduled servicing, Repair of equipment, Fault finding and rectification;
8 Emergency identification and handling
(01 Class)
Loss of link, Fly-away(Straying), Loss of power
Control surface failures
9 Payload, installation and utilization
(01 Class)
Types of payloads, Parts of payloads

Installation, Features of payloads, Utilization

10 Image and video interpretation
(01 Class)
Principles of observation, Interpretation of image/video, Analysis
11 Introduction to flight simulator
(01 Class)
Basic operating features of simulator, How to select different aircrafts and aerodromes, Demo flight
12 ​Flight simulator training
(07 Class)
Pre-flight checks and start-up, Preparation cum coordination for flight
Take-off and flight stage, Approach and landing ,After flight checks
13 Practical lessons in Lab
(01 Class)
Assembling of drone, De-assembling, Integration of sub-sections/ modules, Integration of engine/propulsion system, Fault finding and rectification
14 Practical flying with instructor
(01 Class)
15 Practical flying – solo flying
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